As the world's leading supplier for liquid semi-bulk packaging and specialty solids, SpaceKraft offers one of the most extensive lines of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to meet the growing needs of shippers worldwide.

SpaceKraft In The News

Nature's sweet rewards

Quebec maple syrup co-op optimizes its bulk shipments with jumbo-size specialty containers.

Harvest, squeeze, ship and freeze

Tomasello Winery uses 1,000-L corrugated bulk shipping containers to export to the Far East.

Collapsible IBCs add life to olive oil transport

Olive Ranch breaks with traditional packaging methods by adopting a bulk shipping container.

Reusable tote doubles as a tank for baking release agents

Amarna Co. saves 'dough' by shipping baking agents in 330-gallon corrugated bulk containers.

The Perfect Chemistry
SpaceKraft IBCs provide chemical producer with a cost-effective alternative to conventional steel drums.

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Lower labor costs


Reduce storage space


Easy disposability


Lower container costs


Reduce shipping space


Avoid contamination


Get the export space you pay for
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